5 Cities Added to the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge

Last week we watched as several Startup Weekend teams worked hard to integrate Twilio into their projects for the chance to win their local Startup Weekend event, and become eligible to win the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge and score Dell Netbooks for the entire team.

We originally included 10 cities in the contest, but are excited to announce we have added 5 more to up the ante.  We will now be announcing the content winner in late December.

Adding More Cities to the Mix

We’re excited to announce that we are extending the contest through the end of 2009 to include Startup Weekend events in Athens, Paris, Corvallis, Boston, and Israel.

Buzz from Weekend #1 of the Contest

If you search Twilio on Twitter you’ll see a taste of what we heard all weekend long – teams getting up and running with Twilio, helping each other, trash talking, and having a lot of fun in the process.  We had a chance to test drive apps over the weekend and we were available 24/7 to make sure the Startup Weekend teams had everything they needed for success.


Small businesses have a huge problem – they need timely, honest feedback from their customers. Voicify provides small businesses an interface to enter polling questions, possible answers and then tabulates the responses to provide valuable information to the merchant. Since the owner decides which numbers to use, they can poll certain subsets of their customers. For example, first time purchasers, loyal customers, customers spending over a certain amount, etc.. The business owner can even record the poll in their own voice, which further communicates concern of the customer’s opinion.

Twilio is being used to make outbound calls, receive responses, text to speech, and to play a supplied MP3 file.



Menu-O-Matic is a online menu management system for small to medium restaurants. Menu-O-Matic provide web optimizer, mobile browser optimized, pdf and text-to-speech menu presentations from the same centralized menu data.

Each restaurant is given a “restaurant code”. Customers can dial the toll-free number, dial the restaurant code and hear the restaurant’s hours of operation, complete menu with prices or be transferred to the restaurants main phone number to speak with a host or hostess. The voice menu phone number is displayed on both the web and mobile views of the menu. When  views on an iPhone the toll free number can be “clicked” to dial.

To hear a demo  dial (877)490-4909 Restaurant Code 36

To see this menu online visit http://menuomatic.com/menu/Silly+Deli

(currently free) You can visit http://menuomatic.com and create your own restaurant which will be assigned it’s own code.

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Startup Weekend continues this weekend with events in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Lexington, and Cleveland.  Did you build a project last weekend that isn’t listed here? Make sure to submit your Startup Weekend project so our panel of judges can evaluate your project for the grand prize.