Lead Generation

Digital Home Info by Adam Small

Digital Home Information
is a comprehensive lead generation and listing marketing system
designed to help Realtors reach more buyers and attract sellers. The
web interface allows listings agents to set up each of their properties
so that information can be retrieved by phone, text, or web browser.
When a caller contacts the service, their information is also routed to
the listing agent via text message and/or email for follow-up.

To try it yourself. Dial 866-582-7608 and enter property code "2000".

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    Generating leads and converting it into sales are very crucial . . . there’s no exact science or formula but rather it is an art. The process we used today is very effective but in the future is not because time is changing, more thoughts and concept arise, technology, and people’s expectations too.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/rprosen Rprosen

    The # 866-582-7608 has been re-assigned. Its not working for the demo.

  • Adam Small

    Rprosen- you can use 877-395-3955 and dial 2000. That number works.

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