Ringerous is Twilio-Powered Voice Blogging for Posterous

Last week, we blogged about a new WordPress plugin for making voice posts to your blog by phone (powered by Twilio).  In the same vein, over the weekend we heard about Ringerous, a new Twilio app created by Greg Tracy that utilizes Twilio to make voice posts to blogging service Posterous.

The service is dead simple, just configure your account with your phone and make a call to the Ringerous number to make your Posterous post.


Posterous is know for making it easy to post updates, photos and files quickly and easily via email and Voicerous takes this a step further with voice integration.  Congrats to the Ringerous team for launching this app!

Twilio Apps on the Map

We started a collaborative Google Map of Twilio apps around the world.  I’ve added Ringerous as the first and I’ll be working on adding more.  If you’ve built something with Twilio, make sure to add your app too!

View Twilio Apps Around the World in a larger map
Do you have a Twilio app you’d like to share with the world?  We’d love to feature what you’ve built on our blog, just drop us a line at help@twilio.com to tell us more.