Windows Azure

Cloud Call Me Facebook App by Dennis Palmer CloudCallMe is a Facebook application for calling your Facebook friends with the click of a button.  Using it is simple, just add the app and configure your phone number.  Any friends who also have the application will be listed, and you can simply click "Call" to be connected to them.  Dennis coded right up until the contest deadline… Read More

Amazon Web Services

Email Center Pro Voice Alerts by Evan Coonrod Voice Alerts is a new feature of Email Center Pro that gives you a phone call when new email matching certain criteria arrives in your Email Center Pro account. It reads a list of matching conversations, and allows you to select a conversation to have it read to you. Watch the demo video

Amazon Web Services

Ask-a-Human by Eugene Osovetsky By combining Twilio with Amazon Mechanical Turk, Ask-a-Human allows anyone with a caller-ID-enabled phone to call a toll-free number, submit the question, and then get called back with the answer.  Ask-a-Human uses two incoming Twilio numbers (a toll-free one for the question submitters, and a toll one for the Mechanical Turk answer submitters). The application is written on ASP.NET, and is completely… Read More

Interactive Advertising by Bradley Lambert With viewers experience a pregame pep talk, and receive a customized call from the head football coach of the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders. The coach's phone message is unique for each home football game of the season and for each "favorite play" selected. The goal of the application is to motivate fans to purchase tickets, and these eye-catching interactive elements… Read More

Interactive Advertising

AdGames by Chad Etzel The AdGames demo provides an interactive gaming advertising method that advertisers could use in store fronts or anywhere else that an internet enabled screen can be displayed. By turning the cell-phone into a video game controller, anyone walking around a mall or city shopping district can now become an engaged player instantly. This game challenges the viewer to re-arrange tiles on and… Read More

Twilio for the .NET Framework

Twilio REST Library for .NET 3.5 by Robert McLaws Congratulations to Robert McLaws, who resubmitted from Week 5 to win the Week 13 Netbook prize! Robert built a Twilio WCF REST Client Library for .NET 3.5, which he describes as, "a strongly-typed .NET API to build rich, robust services against Twilio's platform". The library helps developer productivity by reducing the learning curve by eliminating the need… Read More

PHP Applications

OnSite Clarity by John Tegen Would you like to empower your sales team (or yourself) with better tools to manage day-to-day activities?  OnSite Clarity is a sales management application available in the fall of 2009. This Adobe Flex and PHP based application integrates Twilio to manage outbound (click to call), inbound (call routing), voice mail and call management.

Lead Generation

Digital Home Info by Adam Small Digital Home Information is a comprehensive lead generation and listing marketing system designed to help Realtors reach more buyers and attract sellers. The web interface allows listings agents to set up each of their properties so that information can be retrieved by phone, text, or web browser. When a caller contacts the service, their information is also routed to the… Read More