Twilio + Heroku Ruby Challenge

DukeNow by Michael Ansel Do you ever walk around campus thinking, "I'm so hungry, but what's open right now"? Michael Ansel cleverly solved this problem for the Duke University campus with his winning application. Using instant Ruby platform Heroku and Twilio, Michael created a call-in application that will tell you about the places that are open so that anyone can access this information, even without a… Read More

Coordinating People

Simple Hotline by John Sheehan With Simple Hotline, John Sheehan can alert the members of his softball league when inclement weather hits and a game is rained out. As John says, “Twilio’s pay-as-you-go model works perfectly for this league. They only pay when there’s bad weather which only happens 1-3 times per year. The hotline has help the league save money at a time when money… Read More

Fun & Games

Simolio by Steve Castle Studies say that brain teaser games help us maintain memory and mental agility, so what better than playing the popular 1980s game Simon via your telephone with Steve Castle's Simolio? Simolio is a memory game where you call in and attempt to memorize and repeat patterns of numbers or sounds using the telephone keypad. To try out the game, call +1 (866)… Read More

Open Source It!

Twilio + Nagios by Alex Polvi Want to make sure your on-call team gets up and out of bed when a Nagios alarm is triggered? Alex pairs Twilio-powered phone alerts with Nagios systems infrastructure monitoring to generate robot-voice alerts to the systems administrator responsible for handling the situation. And who can resist a robot calling at 3am? Find the open sourced code on Github

Speech-to-Text Transcription

 CallTheMilk by Brian Levine Do you find yourself thinking of things to add to your to-do list at the most inconvenient times and places? Do you wish you could capture new to-do items as you think of them, on the go?  CallTheMilk was created by Brian "Beans" Levine to solve this problem. The service integrates the power of voice with the simplicity and utility of Remember… Read More

Outbound Notifications & Alerts

PagerDuty by Andrew, Alex, and Baskar at Synchronicity Labs PagerDuty is a tool to help manage on-call staff and set alarms to escalate tickets through the appropriate channels. Forward alerts from your existing monitoring systems (Nagios, RightScale, etc.) to Pager Duty, configure your on-call schedule and business rules for escalation, and PagerDuty takes care of notifying your team members. With Twilio, PagerDuty offers voice notifications in… Read More

Outbound Notifications & Alerts

 RemindMe by Kurtis Welch RemindMe is a personal productivity tool that enables callers to create and receive notifications over the phone with voice. When you call in, the service uses LavaRock to interpret the date and time you want to schedule your reminder, and records your then voice message.  On the assigned date and time you'll receive a call and your voice reminder recording is played… Read More

Killer Marketing Tools

Twilleetio by Trevor Smith The category for Week #2 was "Killer Marketing Tools", and Trevor killed it with this tool for phoning in short audio segments and sharing them with Twitter. To try out Twilleetio, dial (206) 455-6221, and use passcode 4422. Leave a message, and when you are prompted choose to tweet it. Then visit the Twilleetio Twitter account, to see a link to the… Read More

Improving Customer Service

RepeaterStore by Brendan Gill RepeaterStore is a leading e-commerce storefront focused on selling wireless repeaters; those little devices that make your iPhone work inside your apartment (where you get no coverage). Using Twilio, RepeaterStore now enables customers to pick up their phone (landline, probably) and call-in to enter their order ID and automatically retrieve their tracking number and detailed order status. If a package hasn't been… Read More