Order Pizza iPhone App Launches, Get Pizza from Anywhere

Congratulations to Order Mapper, a Twilio customer who launched their iPhone application Order Pizza earlier this week in the iPhone App Store.  The story of the application’s launch was covered by VentureBeat and MacWorld.

How Order Pizza Works

Order Pizza takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS to provide location-aware listings of nearby restaurants serving pizza.

This may remind you of the launch of Pizza Hut’s iPhone application for placing order back in July, which generated a lot of excitement.  Order Pizza is similar in that it allows you to order pizza, but what sets it apart is that you can use the application to order from virtually any pizza selling establishment.

As the VentureBeat story reported:

“Order Mapper’s co-founder  Jim Bricker
says about 95 percent of pizzerias the company has tested the service
with have accepted orders, even if they had never heard of Order
Mapper. The app is free and doesn’t add any extra charges for ordering
pizza through the app. The way the company plans to earn revenue is by
selling premium services to pizzerias, like their own branded apps or
additional menu options. (Order Mapper only works with generic
ingredients like pepperoni, so if you are a patron of an extra
bourgeois pizzeria with Thai peanut sauce, you won’t be able to access
those options.)”

The application takes you order via the iPhone and then places a call to the restaurant.  Your order is converted to text and read to the restaurant using Twilio’s text-to-speech engine.

Demo of the Order Pizza App in Action