Twilio Startup Weekend Challenges Ends 12/18

Startup-weekend-israelOver the past six weeks, we’ve seen over 20 new products integrate Twilio at Startup Weekend events across the country and beyond, and this weekend our challenge to participants comes to a close with the last location on the list: Israel.

Beginning Monday, testing and judging of the applications by out employees and judges panel will commence, and we will announce the winning team at the end of December.  Until then we will work on featuring Startup Weekend contestants here on our blog.

The winning team will receive Netbooks for all its members!

What Is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is 54 hour odyssey into the world of starting a company and building a working prototype of the company’s first product.  The weekend’s adventures are intended to give potential entrepreneurs of a taste of what it would be like to found or work for a startup.  Ideas are pitched on Friday night, teams are formed, and products are built throughout the weekend to be pitched Sunday night.

Startup Weekend events take place across the United States and in countries all over the world to encourage entrepreneurship.  At Twilio, we believe in helping small businesses to grow and thrive so we have partnered with Startup Weekend to increase awareness of our cloud communications platform in the hopes that we will add a valuable tool to each entrepreneurs toolkit.

Read more about the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge here.