3 Twilio Customers Make Robert Scoble's Top 25 Startups to Watch in 2010

Robert Scoble’s list of startups to watch for 2010.  Two of the three we can talk about publicly, and the third is a secret for now (feel free to leave your guesses in the comments).

Congratulations Expensify!

In simplest terms, Expensify is a powerful and yet simple tool for filing expense reports.  We have been using it internally here at Twilio from early on, and love how fast it is to get a report written and out the door.

What Scoble had to say:

“Why is it important? I hate expenses. In fact, this whole post really
started as a way to procrastinate on doing my expenses. This system
makes expenses easier and more automatic. Big win for me. Trend? That
we’re going to share even more info with public in future than we can
ever imagine. What are the benefits and costs of doing that? We’ll find
out together in 2010.”

Congratulations Cloudkick!

Cloudclick provides cloud server management for customers with servers on
Rackspace, EC2, or Slicehost.  They provide metrics, monitoring, and
server visualization.

What Scoble had to say:

“Why is it important? Because it helps you monitor your cloud computing
servers on Amazon and Rackspace (#1 and #2 in cloud hosting). It helps
you visualize your bandwidth allowances and other important metrics and
a lot more”

Alex Polvi, one of the cofounders of Cloudkick, won one of the earliest Netbook Monday developer contests with his open sourced Twilio + Nagios solution for systems monitoring notifications.

Congratulations Mystery Company!

You know who you are, nice work.