Netbook Contest Winner: News Voice International

Last week we brought back the Twilio developer contest with a new category – Twilio for the news media.  We’ve been running weekly contests for almost a year now (!) and we’re still blown away by the creative uses people find for Twilio.  This year, we’ll continue to award a Netbook on a regular basis and we will also focus on highlighting more submissions than ever before.

Congratulations to Alessio Harri – Creator of News Voice International

Have you ever wanted to get a quick recap of major headlines from trusted new sources while driving, or use a phone that doesn’t have a web browser to keep track of current events?

With News Voice International you can access headlines from news sources such as Reuters, Associated Press, BBC, and CNN.  Even cooler, the application takes advantage of Twilio’s multi-language text-to-speech engine to read you the headlines in the language of your choice;  choose from English, Spanish, French, and German!

Give It a Try!

Want to see this app in action?  Here are the steps for trying it out:

  • * Call Alessio’s Twilio sandbox number a call at (866) 583-6913
  • * Enter the pin 3667-0903 when prompted.
  • * You can then follow the voice menu. Press 1 for a selection of RSS feeds
  • * Select the language you would like to listen to the news results.

Interview with Alessio Harri: coming soon…

News Voice International has been added to the map, and is our first application from Africa!  Here’s to getting Twilio apps on all seven continents in 2010 (Antarctica anyone?)!

View Twilio Apps On a Map in a larger map

View Twilio Apps On a Map in a larger map

This Week’s Category: Twitter Mashups

This week’s category is Twitter mashups.  It’s been awhile since we’ve played around with integrating Twilio and Twitter – the last time was in the “Killer Marketing Tools” category over six months ago.  The micro-blogging service has been incredibly popular, and we thought it would be fun to explore how voice communications can be integrated.

Need some inspiration?  Check out over 300 Twitter mashups listed on Programmable Web to get the creative juices flowing.  Apps submitted in previous weeks that use Twitter and have not yet won are eligible to resubmit. Please visit our contest page for all the details, apps are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, January 17th.