Build Twilio-powered call tracking the seOverflow way

Mike Belasco, a Twilio customer and President of Denver SEO company of seOverflow, made an excellent post a few weeks back explaining how to set up call tracking for your business from beginning to end using Twilio.

It is a detailed post, so if you’re interested we suggest you check out the original post on the seOverflow blog, but here is what it covers:

  1. Register for a Twilio account
  2. Buy three local phone numbers
  3. Download the seOverflow phone call tracking code sample zip file here
  4. Open calls/handler.php in your favorite editor. Replace UA-XXXXXX-1 with your Google Analytics profile ID
  5. Upload twiml.php, handler.php, and Galavanize.php to a directory called/calls on your website.
  6. Update one of your Twilio numbers that you are going to use to track your Google campaigns
  7. Make a test call
  8. Building the front end

For the full story, head over to the SEO Overflow blog…

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