Voice 3.0 Companies Are Hot – ITEXPO Contest for Voice Apps

If you’ve been following the Twilio blog, you know that just recently we announced two Twilio customers, Pebb.ly and Say Hired, were selected by a panel of judges on the board of ITExpo to present at StartupCamp Telephony in Miami on Thursday of this week.

We’ve got yet ANOTHER contest for you – and this is one that every Twilio customer who has built a voice-enabled application can appreciate.

Submit your voice application by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and you could be selected to be featured at the Cloud Communications Summit this week at ITEXPO.  We will be reaching out to past winner of our developer contest and other launched applications to get these submissions in under the deadline, but if we don’t know about what you’ve created this is your chance to share with the world.


The most interesting application developed on Twilio, Cloudvox, Broadsoft, and Voxeo will be selected and presented to a live audience.

From the contest website:

The Voice Services world as we know is in a revolutionary state of
change, thanks to open development platforms, the rapid evolution of
the ‘cloud’ and the many innovative developers and entrepreneurs
leveraging these advancements to deploy applications that implicate

To expose the hard work being done at large in the community, the
organizers of StartupCamp Telephony and The Cloud Communications Summit
– both with the support of ITExpo (TMCnet) – have launched the first
ITExpo Voice App Contest, running now through January 19th. The form to
submit the information required to enter is below.

If you’re developing or recently developed an application on one the participating platform vendors –Broadsoft, CloudVox, Twilio or Voxeo – we’d love to hear about it.

Your involvement assures that the community continues to grow and gets the exposure it deserves. So please join us.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28329455@N06/ / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0