Join Us at the First API Hackathon at Hacker Dojo This Weekend

Would you like to discover some APIs and meet the people who build them?  Join us for the first ever API Hackathon. Come and hack in a chill environment this Saturday at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, and introduce yourself to the creators of Twilio, Bump, Olark,, Yahoo Query Language, PBWorks, Yazzem, and more. There will be pizza, beer, and smart geeks interested looking to… Read More

SMS Developer Contest – Week #2 Winner is Waiting4aTable by Geoffrey Simpson

Congratulations to Geoffrey Simpson, winner of last week’s developer contest for Twilio SMS.  For the second week in a row, we focused on applications using our newly released SMS API. Waiting4aTable is for restaurants who are tired of keeping customers chained to a small radius holding on to those antiquated pagers.  Why not let your customers roam freely while waiting on a table?  Don’t worry about… Read More

This Week's (Mini) Contest – Exploring the History of the Telephone

We’ve tested over 100 applications submitted to our developer contest in the past 3 weeks since the Twilio SMS API launched.  Thank you to everyone who has jumped in an participated in this contest, we’ve had a lot of debate among the judges about which applications should win and it is never easy to pick winners when there is much creativity and innovation. We announced Meet… Read More

Foursquare Mashup Meet Gatsby Wins Week #1 of Twilio SMS Contest

Each week, we announce a new category of applications we’re interested in and challenge Twilio developers to cook up apps over the course of the week and submit by midnight on Sunday.  The contest has been running for almost a year, and we’ve awarded prizes to over 100 developers. We believe in the power of exploration.  What you build for our contest might not be what… Read More

New Twilio Cold Fusion Library by Jason Fill

We’re very excited to share with you a user contributed Twilio Library for Cold Fusion, which was created by Jason Fill. It works just like our PHP helper library. The author Jason Fill, uses the library for both his personal projects and his job at Jason recently started using us after reading about Twilio in TechCrunch, so we asked him to give us some feedback,… Read More

Twilio SMS Heroes: Get Rescu'd with by Daryn Nakhuda

This blog post is part of a series of posted featuring applications developed using the recently released Twilio SMS API.  Read about SMS applications we’ve featured and submissions from our weekly developer contest. —– Need an excuse to get out of an annoying conversation? On a date that just won’t end? Ask to SMS or call you, and get outta there!  This app, created by… Read More

Contest Update: SMS Winner Not Yet Announced, SMS Again This Week

We’ve been a bit slow getting the news out about last week’s contest winner, and that’s because we’re still testing out all the applications that were submitted. But don’t let that stop you from getting started on this week’s contest… we’ll be focusing on Twilio SMS again, since it has been so popular following launch. This Week’s Category: Twilio SMS Week #2 We will begin profiling… Read More

Twilio SMS Heroes: Jeff Lindsay Builds TextAuth in 9 Hours

We saw a tweet from Jeff Lindsay, aka @progrium, mentioning a Twilio SMS app he whipped up in 9 hours called TextAuth. Helping Developers Monetize SMS Apps TextAuth offers a simple API where developers can send users to sign up to pay for SMS messages by creating access tokens. For just $5/month, users can purchase 160 SMS messages. The tokens can be used to send text… Read More