Be Local Wins Twilio Click-to-Call Contest with Salesforce Integration

Each week, we challenge Twilio developers to build applications in new categories through the Twilio Developer Contest.  We do this to encourage new use cases and also to help expand what you can imagine when it comes to voice communications.  Last week, we debuted our first WordPress plugin: wp-click2call, which enables WordPress users to embed a click to call widget in their blog with a single line of PHP code.


Winner: Be Local by David Jones

Congratulations to David Jones, creator of Be Local, a Twilio + Salesforce mashup.  “BeLocal” is a Click-to-Talk application that enables you to reach your customers by phone, no matter where they are in North America, and display a local caller id.

Whether you want to empower your Salesforce and drive sales,
or just have convenient local calling to your friends, family, and colleagues, “Be Local” is an easy application to get you started.


  • * Displays local number so that the customer is more likely to take the call, and if they’re not available at the moment, they’re much more likely to call you back when they see it’s a local number.  “
  • * Handles the customer’s return call, routing it back to you, wherever you are located.
  • * Takes care of logging the details of both outgoing and incoming calls in Salesforce, so you can review them later, and generate sales reports.

How Be Local Works

Be-Local-screenshotUsers of “Be Local” purchase local number packages (e.g., Southern California) that include a set of local area codes and prefixes (NPA, NXX) in the desired area.  When placing a call, “Be Local” finds the best match to the customer number, or else defaults to a toll-free 877 number as the caller id.

With “Be Local” installed on your Salesforce account, just select any Contact, and beside the friendly “Be Local” telephone icon are displayed up to 4 telephone numbers (Work, Home, Mobile, Other).  Just click the one you want.  “Be Local” will find the best matching local number and place calls to both you and your Contact, … and connect the two of you together.  “Be Local” gets your phone number, and your Contact’s phone number, from the information you have already entered in Salesforce, so there’s nothing for you to type.  Just one click, and you’re connected.

Updates Coming Soon…

Be Local will soon be rolling out additional features:

  • Voice Mail
  • Sales Call Recording
  • Voice-to-Text transcriptions

all easily accessible right in Salesforce.

Customer Testimonial from Rich Rosen of FastCall411

The original idea for Be Local came from Richard Rosen, at, and Be Local was designed and implemented by David Jones, at

Just listen to what Rich Rosen, from FastCall411 has to say about “Be Local”:

“I recently used the Maytag website to find a repairman and with several choices in Los Angeles I picked the local area code (323).  I was initially surprised that the repairman’s invoice had a 626 area code (Pasadena, CA) even though I have been in the call tracking business for several years. At the time I counted the second largest yellow page publisher as a call tracking client, but I didn’t immediately recognize the Market Expansion Line. Be Local is a great yellow pages tool that helps in areas like Los Angeles where we have lots of area codes in overlapping services areas.”

— Rich Rosen, FastCall411

David has won a Netbook, and some t-shirts for himself and his niece C.J. and nephew Alex (10 and 12 respectively) who provided marketing and moral support to him during development.  We will be announcing this week’s contest category shortly, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, you can check out all the contest winners and applications since our contest launched almost a year ago.

  • stephan

    how can i download this application for my Salesforce account?

  • stephan

    how can i download this application for my Salesforce account?