Join Us at the First API Hackathon at Hacker Dojo This Weekend

Would you like to discover some APIs and meet the people who build them?  Join us for the first ever API Hackathon.

Come and hack in a chill environment this Saturday at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, and introduce yourself to the creators of Twilio, Bump, Olark,, Yahoo Query Language, PBWorks, Yazzem, and more.

There will be pizza, beer, and smart geeks interested looking to work on new projects.  Come for a little bit or stay all day, bring exisitng projects or start something new… it’s up to you.  We’ll be hanging out from 1pm to 11pm on Saturday.  More information and RSVP on Eventbrite.

Why Mashup APIs?

Aren’t you curious what would happen when you mix this and that?  That’s what we’re interested in – how combining different services together can yield new efficiency, functionality, and products that we never would have dreamed up before.


Do you have an API? If there is an API you’d like to share, please email so we can add you to the list of API companies participating.  We are also looking for APIs, meetup locations, and sponsors for future events as we continue to grow this community so let us know if you’d like to get more involved.