New Twilio Cold Fusion Library by Jason Fill

We’re very excited to share with you a user contributed Twilio Library for Cold Fusion, which was created by Jason Fill. It works just like our PHP helper library.
The author Jason Fill, uses the library for both his personal projects and his job at

Jason recently started using us after reading about Twilio in TechCrunch, so we asked him to give us some feedback, and he said:

“I like
the idea of building polling system that can be used easily by anyone to
gather feedback. There is really so much that can be done by coupling voice
and sms to the web the possibilities are endless and exciting.

Working with Twilio is truly a breeze.  The fact
that you only pay for what you use and their are no minimums is very nice.
I really enjoy the functionality and look forward to building some
more applications using ColdFusion and Twilio.”

Thanks Jason!

Some information on Twilio Helper Library for Cold Fusion

The library helps to facilitate:

  • * Making requests to the Twilio REST API
  • * Constructing TwiML requests
  • * Validating Twilio request signatures

NOTE: This is the first version and should be considered in beta form. While all the examples have been tested there still may be some bugs.


Have you build something that would benefit the Twilio developer community?  Share it with us and we’ll help spread the word.  Just a drop a note to, we’re always listening.