Introducing Trails (Twilio-on-Rails) by Hemant Bhanoo

With Trails, Hemant Bhanoo is making it even easier to develop Twilio applications in Rails with this library for using Twilio with the Rails framework. Trails is build on top of the Twilio Ruby Library, and has functional test helpers so that you can simulate Twilio calling you app.  When Twilio calls your application, the application recognizes whether it is Twilio calling or a web request. … Read More

Getting Started with Twilio SMS – Ideas, Resources, and Motivation

On Tuesday, we announced our newest product, the Twilio SMS for programatically sending and receiving text messages with your Twilio phone numbers.  We’ve also got a developer contest running this week that we’d love to see you get involved with.  For almost a year, we’ve been giving away a Netbook each week (and sometimes even more than one!) to the best app developed in different categories. … Read More

Twilio SMS Heroes: Betwext Wins Twilio SMS (beta) Developer Contest

Yesterday, we introduced our newest product, Twilio SMS.  While Twilio SMS was in private beta we ran a contest challenging developers added to the first wave of the beta to build a Twilio SMS app for the chance to win an unlocked Google Nexus One phone. Congratulations to Jonathan Kressaty, creator of Betwext and winner of the Twilio SMS beta contest. What is Betwext? Betwext is… Read More

Introducing Our Ridiculously Simple Twilio SMS API

Update: This week’s developer contest category is SMS.  Build a Twilio app using SMS and submit by midnight on Sunday, Feb 14th for your chance to win a Netbook. More details on the contest page…  Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product: Twilio SMS. Existing customers already know you can use Twilio to make and receive phone calls, and now you can… Read More

Be Local Wins Twilio Click-to-Call Contest with Salesforce Integration

Each week, we challenge Twilio developers to build applications in new categories through the Twilio Developer Contest.  We do this to encourage new use cases and also to help expand what you can imagine when it comes to voice communications.  Last week, we debuted our first WordPress plugin: wp-click2call, which enables WordPress users to embed a click to call widget in their blog with a single… Read More

Highlights from the Twilio Post Holiday Party

On Friday of last week we welcomed friends, family, customers, investors and other supporters (roommates, customers, vendors, etc) that have become a part of our community in the past year asince Twilio launched to the public in November 2007.  Together we shared food, drinks, and a champagne toast to an exciting 2010! Here are some of the best pictures from the party, and you can see… Read More

Twilio Screencast Contest Winner – 3 minutes, 47 lines of code

Last week we challenged Twilio customers to a contest category with a twist.  Instead of building a Twilio application for a specific category, we asked developers to create screencasts with a maxiumum leth of 3 minutes that demonstrate how to build a Twilio application. Justin Vaillancourt sis this week’s contest winner with his screencast for Online Universal Product Code Lookup, where he shows viewers how to… Read More

New Developer Contest: Build Click-to-Call Integration

The winner of last week’s developer contest for Twilio screencasts will be announced shortly, but we didn’t want to wait to tell you about this week’s category: Click-to-Call Integration. You’ve got until 11:59pm on Sunday, February 7th, to make your submission.  Be sure to visit the contest page for all the details, and submit here.  Let us know if you have any questions, and happy coding!… Read More