Twilio SMS Heroes: Get Rescu'd with by Daryn Nakhuda

This blog post is part of a series of posted featuring applications developed using the recently released Twilio SMS API.  Read about SMS applications we’ve featured and submissions from our weekly developer contest.


Need an excuse to get out of an annoying conversation? On a date
that just won’t end?

Ask to SMS or call you, and get outta there!  This app, created by Daryn Nakhuda, makes it easy to schedule a call or SMS to your phone ahead of time so you can bust of boring meetings, bad dates, and more.  Check it out:


How it works

Just text “SMS 5” to (206) 866-5924, and we’ll send you
an SMS message back in 5 minutes. Of course you can change the 5 to any
number, and we’ll send you an SMS in that many minutes. We can also call you.

Tip: Add (206) 866-5924 to your address
book to make incoming texts and calls look like they are coming from
someone specific. is built with Ruby on Rails, using Twilio for SMS and telephony.

This is just a prototype – if you really like it, let me know, and I’ll keep working on