Twilio Tin Can Telephones at SxSW 2010

Last week we hung out in Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest interactive conference.  Among the keynotes, sessions, panels, and parties there are some other activities that take place on the fringe and one of those was our charity event Doing Good at SXSW with Twilio, combined with a flashmob to create what (we claimed) was the largest tin can telephone conference call of all time.

A big thank you to Daryn Nakuda, who helped us empty over 300 soup cans at the Angel House Soup Kitchen and to Jonathan Kressaty who helped us to prep those cans for telephony awesomeness.  We can’t wait to come back to SxSW next year and create an even larger conference call!

Daryn Nakuda of – Helping out at Angel House Soup Kitchen

Jonathan Kressaty of – Helping Prep the Cans (and Spread the Word)

Derek Neighbors of Gangplank in Phoenix, Rockin’ the Tin Cans