Twilio for Calculus Class at Ohio State University

Sometimes we get emails so awesome, they just need to be shared verbatim instead of written up as some kind of editorial on an app.  Check out this note from Jim Fowler, a professor at Ohio State University:

Dear Twilio,

I just wanted to say how amazing your service really is!

I just tried this out today in a calculus course: I gave the
students a problem to work on, and had them report their answer using
their cell phones. The students enjoyed it: they can find out right
away if they got the right answer, without revealing their answer to
anybody else. And as the instructor, I get instant feedback about how
many students were able to solve the problem. Thanks Twilio!

I think I can improve the integration with my beamer slides (and I will see if I can get some grant money to improve it).

Thanks Twilio!



We gave Jim Twilio credits to ensure his educational app will stay up and running until his grant comes through.  If you are using Twilio in the classroom please let us know, we would love to help you bring innovative new approaches to teaching into your organization and share them with the readers of our blog.  Email with your stories.