Developer Contest April 12th – 25th: Mashup Twilio with Twitter

Last week we partnered with Boxee
to combine telephony with television, and we're still in the process of
judging the submissions so stay tuned for us to announce the contest
winner tomorrow.

How will you mashup Twilio and Twitter?  In honor of Chirp, the first ever official Twitter developer conference, we've decided to focus on applications that combine Twitter and Twilio.

Cook up a creative, useful, or entirely new way to combine cloud communications with Twitter and you could win a Netbook and $100 in Twilio developer credit.

We kicked off the contest last night with a party at Twilio HQ, and welcome over 100 people in a last minute shindig to celebrate the beginning of Chirp.  Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Attending Chirp – Hack with Us!

We'll be hanging out into the wee hours to answer questions, hack with you, dream up cool ideas and share what we've learned about the Twitter API.  Send a note @twilio if you want to meet up.

Developer Resources

Deadline for Submissions: 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday, April 25th

The winner of this contest will receive a Dell Netbook and $100 in Twilio developer credit.

Twilio + Twitter Contest Winners in the Past

If you've been following our developer contests for awhile, you might remember that we've had this contest category before and we had two winners!

Group Call by Tim Lytle

GroupCall allows Twitter
users to host and manage a group conference call with a few simple
clicks. Designed for group instruction, where one user speaks and the
audience comments/participates via twitter. The call owners can unmute
other participants if desired.

get started login with Twitter using Oauth, click the 'host a call'
link, then follow directions to join the call.  Refresh to update user
list/twitter feed (Tim says, "sorry, no nice AJAX yet"), mute/unmute
other callers, and click end call link when you're done.

Music Monday by Mike Ivanov

Monday is the long-running tradition of posting your favorite songs on
Twitter so that others can discover interesting new music.  The Music
Monday app lets you listen to tweets that contain MP3s.  You can skip
songs you don't like so much, and it keeps a list of everything that
was played and what you liked.

call (866) 583-6913 and enter PIN 3969-6376.  Listen to some tunes and
see if you like any of them.  After you hang up, go to and
put in the phone number from which you called.  You will get a list of
all the tweets and songs you heard with links to the original tweets on
Twitter.  From there you can follow, retweet, and reply as usual.


Everyone who submitted peviously and did not win is eligible to resubmit (we love that we make the
rules!) so if you were one of them we hope you'll consider sprucing up
you old app for another chance at winning a Netbook.  Check out the contest page for all the details, and to submit your app.


Our weekly developer contest has been running for almost a year!  If you have any questions, or we can help in any way please don't hesitate to email

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