Meet Team Twilio Members at Events This Week

This week is loaded with great events, both locally near our offices in San Francisco and also across the country.  If you haven’t already, don’t miss our Upcoming Events Calendar and make sure to subscribe to our updates on Plancast to keep up with events we’re attending.

Event Highlights This Week


Chirp-logoPre-Chirp Developer Party @ Porter Novelli

Meet other Twitter developers from all over the world to talk about xAuth, the Streaming API, whitelisting, Cassandra and, oh, whatever comes to mind :-). Also: pizza, wine and beer.  Hosted by, the Twitter app marketplace.


Chirp – Twitter Developers Conference Day One

A conference for developers building on the Twitter APIs, including information on new features, roadmap, hacking, and keynotes from the Twitter founders.

AWS Startup Project Event: Silicon Valley

A half-day start-up project event, featuring Amazon.comCTO Dr. Werner Vogels. Learn how to be successful with Amazon Web Services – utilizing the same robust infrastructure and technological resources that power’s global web properties.  Amazon will show you how to get started with AWS infrastructure services and how to architect applications for the cloud.


Chirp – Twitter Developers Conference Day Two

More Chirp fun! A full 24 hour hack day.  Meet cool people, share ideas, and learn from the experts.


Hackers and Founders at Hacker Dojo

We’ll be hanging out, having a beer and talking to cool people about new technologies we think are very shiny, startups we’re founding or our most recent favorite hack. Karma++ if you bring your iPad for others to caress, drool over or complain about.

This Weekend

Startup Weekend Boulder

Startup Weekend brings entrepreneurs, developers, designs, and geeks together for 54 hours of intense company building.

It all begins on Friday night, when individuals pitch startup ideas to the audience and teams begin to form.  By Sunday, teams are preparing to pitch their products to the audience and select special guests such as notable VCs, local angel investors, and more.

For a complete list of Startup Weekend events taking place in locations near you, make sure to visit Startup Weekend


Are you attending, hosting or involved with an event that you think Twilio should know about?  Drop us a note and we’ll see what we can do.  We’re always looking for ways to suppor startups, developers, and small businesses as part of their local tech communities.

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