Office Hours Today @ 4pm Pacific Time – Meet John Sheehan, Developer Evangelist

We will be holding our weekly office hours today to 4pm on the #twilio IRC channel on freenode.  Join us via your desktop client, or use this slick little web interface to log into the chat.

John is the latest addition to the Twilio team, and he will be leading a discussion what improvements you’d like to see in the Twilio development community in the coming months.

See you at 4pm Pacific Time!

Oh yeah… We’re Hiring

Twilio is a fast-paced environment for motivated geeks, and rewards the awesome. Do you like Macbooks, automated testing, and distributed data stores? You might be our kind of people.

If you’re interested in any of the jobs here, please apply via Jobscoree or send us an email to  Feel free to drop by the IRC chat today if you have questions as well.