Live from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Demos

We’ve seen handful of demos so far at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, with a total of 60 or so to go over the next You can watch the presentations live here (sorry no embed option).  Read more about the event in the TechCrunch blog coverage of the event so far, here and here.

We’re featuring applications that took advantage of the Twilio voice and SMS APIs during the hackathon, and you can learn more about them and see videos of their demos below.  Everyone who used Twilio will receive $100 in Twilio credit, and if you used our API but we didn’t mention you here please email Danielle so you can claim your credit and we can add you to this post.

Also, check out this awesome blog post by Andrew Mager on ZDnet profiling all the demos as they happen here for a complete list. – Group Chat for Any Phone is an iPhone app that enables group chat, and they use Twilio SMS integration to make the app useful to anyone whether they have a smart phone or not.

Cool feature: if you’re in the app, you won’t get any text messages, but if the app isn’t launched (or you don’t have a smart phone) you’ll receive a text each time someone adds to the group chat.



NewsCred is using the Twilio API to power a call in service where you can speak naturally to the app to ask for any information and NewsCred will parse that information and response with email, text message, or call with an answer.


FB Call

FBCall is a simple app that you can call to hear your Facebook wall read out load to you.  It uses the Twilio API and APIs combined with Facebook.  It is live and you can try it out, call 646-495-9374


Facebook AudioPost by Phonzy

AudioPost makes it easy to call in and update your Facebook wall (a nice counterpart to FBCall from earlier).  Simply authenticate your account on their site, and then you can call to update your wall anytime.  The audio file is embedded directly into the wall, so visitors can stream it without leaving the page.


NYCRESISTORMr.Stabby – Controlled by Phone

Mr.Stabby is a pneumatic robot created by a team of cool guys from NYC Resistor, and for their Disrupt hackathon project they decided to add a Twilio-powered IVR to control the robot.  NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown
that meets regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects
together, and build community.

In addition to this video from their demo, make sure to check out this blog post by the team showing Mr.Stabby vs. the Penguin