Shane Jones Wins Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest with 140Call

After much debate among the judges, its finally is time to announce the winner of the Twitter + Twilio mashup contest from a couple weeks back.  To fill you in, Twilio has a developer contest every week (or two) encouraging developers to explore new use cases, integrations with other service and APIs, and creative ways to integrate voice communications with web apps.  Learn more on our… Read More

Preventing Spam & Fraud with SMS Phone Verification

Check out our updated Phone verification post here. If you’ve used a service like Google Calendar that sends out reminders via SMS, you may recall that when you set up your mobile device to receive alerts, the application verified that you were the owner of the device. This is done by sending you a short verification code that you then entered on the web site. Once… Read More

New Developer Contest: Mashup Twilio & Open311

On Thursday evening last week we brought together over 300 people passionate about open data and the future of government 2.0 to hear from thought leaders in the space.  Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson was the MC for the evening, and joining him onstage where luminary speakers including Tim O’Reilly, Mitch Kapor, and Craig Newmark.  Special guests included Chris Vein, the CIO of San Francisco, and Philip… Read More

Open 311 Developer Contest: May 10th – 23rd

As announced at our event at San Francisco City Hall last Thursday, Twilio has partnered with the City of San Francisco for a developer contest focused on innovation using the Open311 API and Twilio API to build apps and new functionality.  We are challenging developers to combine our APIs for the chance to win a Netbook. About Open311 Open311 is a form of technology that provides… Read More

Discover Job Opportunities at Twilio – Interview with CTO Evan Cooke

Andrew Lee from One Third of My Life dropped by Twilio HQ to speak with Evan Cooke, CTO and cofounder of our company, about some of the job opportunities we have available.  In this candid 9 minute interview, Evan discusses Twilio’s culture, organizational structure, and other things that make us unique and a great place to work. Check it out, and if you like what you… Read More

Building a Twilio + Google Chrome Extension

Editor’s Note: This app is no longer live but the code is still available on GitHub here We are currently running a contest with our friends on the Google Chrome Extension team at Google challenging developers to build extensions that include Twilio.  Developers have until 11:59pm this Sunday, May 9th, to submit their extensions for a chance to win netbooks and other awesome prizes from Google… Read More

Simple Phone Verification with Twilio, PHP, MySQL and jQuery

See the most updated version of these instructions and sample code here or read the tutorial on how to build phone verification in a Rails app.  As more and more applications integrate with phones there is an increasing need to verify phone numbers to help prevent spam, fraud and other dubious activities. In these cases it’s common to use an automated phone verification system to present the… Read More