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Touch Tone Telephony Control for Arduino


When someone takes Twilio technology and combines it with other geeky goodness, and then rolls all that into a blog post (and video!) its like Christmas morning to see it pass through the RSS reader.  Although this post is from over a week ago, its possible you haven’t yet seen what Chris put together and we’d love to show you how he has used Twilio to enable touch tone controls for Arduino.

Video Demonstration

How It Works

To get a very detailed description of the materials used and steps required, please visit the original blog post.  Here is a brief run-through of how it works:

So… What’s It Good For?

As Chris points out in his blog post, DTMF telephony is ubiquitous and one could easily control this device or other electronic devices with a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Forget to turn of the lights or shut the garage door? In the future, you might be able to check them and change them using your phone. Some readers might remember our developer contest category for Twilio integration with real-world devices awhile back.  David Bello built an application to turn on and off a light in his home using his telephone.  Read more here…

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