A Glimpse of the Future at LessConf 3010

LessconfLessConf 2010 bills itself as the “conference from the future.” Unfortunately it takes place in the present so I had to fly here instead of teleporting. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to representing Twilio today and tomorrow in Atlanta.

What exactly is LessConf?

LessConf a conference for creators of things; people building communities, businesses or anything else. The kind of people that inspire us here at Twilio to do what we do. I’m here to learn from these folks and help provide them with the tools they need to build the next big thing.

If you’re at LessConf, be sure to look for the guy in the Twilio t-shirt and say hi or follow my Twitter stream to see what I’m up to. Don’t be shy, I can’t wait to hear all about what you’re creating.