59 Days of Code Uses Twilio to Vote For a Winner

When Irma from 59 Days of Code contacted us to find out if we’d help them with a voting app for their competition, we were thrilled!  With Twilio SMS, they were able to build a simple custom text message voting application so that thousands of people could weigh in on who they thought should be the winner.  Votes were texted to a Twilio number, with a maximum of 2 votes per Caller ID.

Twilio is also offering $133.70 of Twilio developer credit to anyone who participated in the competition and would like to integrate Twilio into their project.  Please contact help@twilio.com to claim yours!

What is 59 Days of Code?

59DaysofCode was put together by the Central Valley Business Incubator and a select group of individuals, with the goal to provide a catalyst for the next generation of entrepreneurs in Fresno, CA.  Clocks started on April 24th, and the event culminated yesterday with a event and voting for the winner.


Who Were the Winners?

The prize was awarded to Post Echo, a product that tracks new events for the PR industry.

postEcho from Mark Royce on Vimeo.

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Are you hosting an event and looking to build a simple app?  We can help!  We’re happy to trade developer credit for a sponsorship, just drop a note to danielle@twilio.com and I’ll set you up with everything you need to get started in just a few minutes.