Event Recap: Greater SF LAMP Meetup

On Tuesday night, Adam and I took a trip to Sunnyvale. He was invited to talk about the Twilio API and our recent launch of OpenVBX, the web-based open source phone system for business. The Greater SF LAMP Meetup takes place regularly and covers a wide range of topics related to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The talk focused on how open source has driven innovation on the internet and the key characteristics of successful open source projects. The specific discussion points for the evening were community, modularity, and solving problems for the 80% use case. Adam articulated an interesting parallel between viewing the source of a web page in a browser, and viewing the source of a phone call (TwiML).

To wrap up the evening there was a live coding demonstration of how to create an OpenVBX plugin. It’s very easy to do, so why not give it a go?

View the slides on Slideshare