New CakePHP Twilio Datasource from Aaron Reisman

Cakephp_logoAaron Reisman is a Media Specialist and Founder of Life is Content.
While working on some Twilio projects Aaron
developed a new CakePHP Datasource for accessing the Twilio API via standard model functions. The source code is freely
available on GitHub
. Let’s take a look at an example of how it works.

You’ll need PHP 5.x and CakePHP 1.3.x to use the datasource. Once you have that setup, installation is three easy steps:

  1. Download and add the files to a new CakePHP Project.
  2. Edit the database file and use your credentials.
  3. Modify the texts controller to your needs.

Once configured, a sample controller might look like this:

If you use CakePHP, the Twilio Datasource can simplify working with the Twilio API. Head on
over to GitHub
, download it and give it a try in your apps!