Apply to Present Your Startup at StartupCamp2

Would you like to present your startup to an audience of technologists, C-level executives, fellow entrpreneurs and venture capitalists?  If your startup is leveraging communication technologies like voice, video, or SMS?  You can apply to present here.

Helping Showcase Twilio-Powered Startups

Startups powered by Twilio have some exciting successes this past year, with Precision Polling being acquired by Survey Monkey earlier this year and entrepreneurs from a handful of companies quitting their jobs to work on their new businesses full time (more on that in future posts).

We believe in helping developers and entrepreneurs showcase their work, which is why we have become a major sponsor of this event.  Additionally, we will fly 2 members of any Twilio-powered startup accepted into the final list of presenting startups to Los Angeles and pay for your hotel while you’re there.  Make sure to apply!

Meet SayHired – Last Year’s Twilio-Powered Startup

Sayhired-logoSayHired, a company using communications technology to simplifying the recruiting process, joined us in Miami last year as we travelled to the first StartupCamp event focused on communications, at ITEXPO East.

Since then the company has continued to grow, landing several notable clients and partners.  As of this writing, their website claims “4,534 hours saved”.  They use Twilio’s voice API to power automated phone screens, which remove the recruiter from the process until after the initial screen and allow them to get through many more candidates.

Attend and Discover

Will you be at ITEXPO, or are you local to Los Angeles?  Register to attend this free event and come find out what innovative young companies are doing with our revolutionary cloud communications technology!