Congratulations to Jonathan Kressaty and Chad Smith, OpenVBX Contest Winners!

OpenVBXOver the past few weeks we’ve run a couple contests focusing on OpenVBX, our new open-source platform for building
voice applications. We picked the winner for the first contest and left it up to you, the OpenVBX and Twilio community, to select
the second winner. But enough chit chat, let’s get to the winners!

OpenVBX Plugin Contest Winner
Jonathan Kressaty – Applet Scheduling Plugin

Kressaty Mr. Kressaty’s Applet Scheduling Plugin is a simple concept, executed flawlessly. The plugin allows you to control your flows
based on the current date and time. It’s an extremely common use case with countless practical applications. I was in the room
the first time Jonathan showed off a prototype of this plugin and the usefulness of the plugin was immediately apparent
to everyone there.

Jonathan describes how the Applet Scheduling Plugin came to be, “The applet came out of necessity. I wanted to be able to push my Ripstyles customers to a different set of applets when we were closed/weekends/holidays/etc. In the future, I’d like to make it a little easier from a UI perspective to make different rules, but it works great now and I’m not a fan of breaking things that work!”

Great work Jonathan, your netbook is on the way!

OpenVBX Community Contribution Contest Winner
Chad Smith – Poll Plugin

Chadsmith It was an *extremely* close vote, but by the narrowest of margins, Chad Smith’s Poll Plugin was voted the winner of the
OpenVBX Community Contribution Contest. Chad’s plugin allows you to easily build voice- and SMS-based polls within the OpenVBX
flow editor. Described by one member of the community as “nearly perfect,” the plugin narrowly edged out Andrew Watson’s
equally-awesome Notifo plugin
in voting that came right down to the wire.

Chad talks about developing for OpenVBX, “My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to create a new application, so about a week ago I decided to write a blog post to illustrate just that. The post (which has since been deleted because I stink at writing) was a walkthrough of how to create a phone poll using OpenVBX and my subscriptions plugin. After reading the post I figured it would be even easier to create a plugin specifically for polls.”

To get started with the plugin, add a new poll and some choices under Manage Polls. Then drop it into a new Flow after a menu to record the caller or sender’s selection. That’s it! There’s a demo of the polls plugin at 316-251-0963.

Chad is also working on an Twilio/OpenVBX Android app so you can manage call queues and use your Twilio numbers from anywhere. Can’t wait to see it Chad!

Congratulations again to both Jonathan and Chad for their outstanding contributions!

This Week’s Contest

6a0105364227ca970b0120a6a9b1d5970c-120wi For this week’s contest, we’re going green! This week’s category is using Twilio to benefit the environment.
We’ve seen some great examples like Earth911 that use Twilio to help the planet. Now it’s your turn. How would you use Twilio to save the planet? The best
submission wins a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. The contest ends Sunday July 18th at 11:59PM PST.