Google Dev Relations Team Builds SaaSy Voice for Google Apps Marketplace

google apps marketplace We were excited to read earlier today that the Google Dev Relations team for the Google Apps Marketplace decided to use Twilio for their latest test app, SaaSy Voice.  The team describes SaaSy Voice as “a web-application for handling the phone system for small and medium businesses”, similar to our recently open-sourced OpenVBX project.

Features of SaaSy Voice:

  • SaaSyVoice * single sign on with OpenID
  •  * provision new phone numbers
  •  * assign extensions to employees
  •  * configure voicemail
  •  * provide call forwarding
  •  * give admins the ability to review call activity

SaaSy Voice has many features that take advantage of our Google Apps infrastructure to make processes like setting up accounts as quick and painless as possible.  They topped it off with a simple integration into the Google Mail interface, which many Google Apps users literally live in day in and day out (we know, we use Google Apps here at Twilio).

Thanks to the developers at Google for giving Twilio a try and building something very cool!

Visit their blog to read all the details