Past Twilio Contest Winner Diner Connection Launches

Congratulations to Geoffrey and Shawna Simpson, who have launched Diner Connection.  The launch was announced Wednesday in a press release by Moxie Software, the company which the couple co-founded.

You might remember a Twilio-powered application called Waiting4Table, which we featured when they won the 2nd week of the Twilio developer contest.  A lot has happened since then!

What is Diner Connection?

Have you ever visited a restaurant, only to be asked to wait and handled a little device that vibrates when your table is ready? What if your cell phone could do the same thing, without the restaurant having to invest in custom devices that inevitably get lost and damaged, and cost money to replace.

Traditionally, these paging systems have cost somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000 to set up, with a monthly maintenance cost of nearly $100.  When you add the cost of text messaging marketing systems, and customer tracking, the cost increases by another $500 – $1000 per month.  With Diner Connection, not only are theses services more affordable, they’re also integrated.

Taking it one step further, Diner Connection also gives restaurants the opportunity to market special offers to guests over the phone.  As explained in the release:

“For example, if the owner or manager finds that on a particular Tuesday
evening the tables are empty,” she said, “they can send a message to
customers who have visited on previous Tuesdays, or all customers who
visited last month – or whatever parameters the restaurant desires –
with text messages such as ‘Bring this in tonight and receive free

Developer Contest Win Gives Diner Connection a Leg Up

We were proud to learn that following their win in the Twilio developer’s contest earlier this year, they began to receive requests from restaurants:

“Once we won that competition, we started receiving requests from
restaurants for a more robust option,” Geoff Simpson said. “The interest
after the Twilio competition drove us to create Diner Connection and we
have seen great interest and success with the product already.”


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