Twilio in Your Neighborhood with Meetup Everywhere

Twilio Meetups are happening everywhere! Come show off what you’re working on, get help with the API, and enjoy some food and drink with other Twilio developers. Not on the map? Be bold, organize a Twilio Meetup in your neighborhood.

Expect Awesomness

Each Twilio Meetup will be different, but I’m sure they’ll all be awesome. You can expect to see demos of cool apps, OpenVBX applets, how-to sessions, mashups with familiar applications, hackfests, and games. One thing is for certain, you’ll get to meet smart and interesting people.

Upcoming Twilio Meetups

We’ve got Twilio Meetups scheduled to happen all over the United States, here’s a quick look at the next five events.

Organizing a Twilio Meetup is Easy

Really, it is. Just find a venue and set a time. Cafés and bars are often happy to host Meetups, just make sure to choose a place that’s suited to your format. You won’t be able to demo your apps very easily if the music is blaring.

Feel free to experiment. Host a Twilio art party or an app brainstorming session. Whatever you can dream up is fair game, it’s important that you make the event your own.

Once you’ve picked the venue and time, add it to our Meetup Everywhere page and promote it in your ‘hood. Tweets, blog posts, and mailing lists are the best way to get your event noticed. You can also tell us and we’ll help you promote it.

Twilio Fans

Capture Your Event

Don’t forget to take pictures and notes on what you covered. Video and links are great too! We’d be thrilled to share stories from your events on our blog.

Need help?

We don’t want hackers to go hungry, so we’re offering to sponsor pizza and soft drinks. Let us know if you have any special requests or needs. We can help you arrange a venue, find supplies, and even connect you to other Twilio developers in your area. If you have questions, or need any help at all shoot us an email.