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Start building for free Launches Twilio-Powered Blog by Phone Feature


In a blog post this morning Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, shared the latest feature for users who have hosted blogs with the service: the ability to phone your blog.

Update: This feature has picked up some press today, which is pretty cool.  Check out the news stories covering this feature:


As Matt explains:

The future is now, folks. You can now go to
your My Blogs tab, enable Post by Voice, and get a special number and
code to call your blog
. After you’re done, the audio file from your
phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to and enjoy.
(And added to your RSS feed for podcast support.)

So now you can post to your WordPress via the web, email, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, desktop clients, and
now any telephone in the world. Of course when you post it can be
pushed to Facebook, Twitter, and more using the
Publicize feature.
What more could you want?

We’re excited to be powering a feature that is sure to bring joy to thousands of bloggers, and we can’t wait to see how it will be used.  Nick Momrik, who developed the feature, summed it up nicely on Twitter:

We’re so happy to see this feature out there in the wild for WordPress users to play with, and several of us here at Twilio are avid WordPress users so we can’t wait to add this to our own blogs.  For now, is offering the service for free, and you can record up to 60 minutes (!!) per message, and they say that limit might go down with a paid upgrade in the future.  Pretty sweet!

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