PhoneTree for Windows Phone 7 Wins Twilio Netbook Contest!

65chrome_head_logoPhoneTree is a group messaging application that lets someone pre-define a list of contacts on their Windows Phone 7 device, and send them all an SMS or voice message with the tap of a button. The app was written by Barranger Ridler to make it easier for those in a hectic situation (like being in labor) to quickly update friends and family and allow them to respond in an unobtrusive manor.

While building PhoneTree, Barranger kept a blog chronicling each step along the way. Barranger also put together this screencast demonstrating how it works:

PhoneTree is the winner of our Windows Phone 7 contest. Congratulations Barranger, you’ve won a netbook! We asked Barranger about his experiences building PhoneTree for Windows Phone 7 using Twilio.

How did you get started building PhoneTree?

BR: The idea for PhoneTree came pretty much the moment the nurse was yelling at me for being on the phone for too long when my first was born, it wasn’t until I came across the Twilio service four years later that I was able to finally properly execute the idea. I’ve only been working on the application for about a week now, so there’s still lot’s to do, besides a new coat of paint for the application some of the most pressing features are the ability to record the phone message yourself and push notifications when a new audio message is received.

What technologies are you using with PhoneTree?

BR: PhoneTree is built using Silverlight (and a bit of XNA for the audio) on Windows Phone 7 and the Twilio API

How did you get started developing with Twilio?

BR: I first heard about Twilio with this contest. The API looked simple enough to use and I had already written a couple of WP7 apps so I figured why not? Needless to say, I’m quite happy that I did.

How was the experience of integrating Twilio with your chosen tools technologies?

BR: All of the interaction from the phone that PhoneTree uses goes through the TwillioApi open-source project.

Want to win a netbook of your very own? For this week’s contest category we’ve teamed up with 10gen, maker of MongoDB. Use Twilio with MongoDB and you could win a netbook and a MongoDB swag pack which includes a limited-edition Timbuk2 backpack. Contest ends Sunday August 22nd at 11:59pm PST.