New Developer Contest: Anything Goes, With a Twist! (Ends 10/17)

Haskell This week's contest category is another 'Anything Goes', but this time with a twist. Build anything you want with Twilio and you can enter it into this week's contest. However, we spend a lot of time talking about Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and .NET. But there are so many more languages and frameworks out there we wanted to dedicate a week to everything else. So while you can submit any app you'd like, the voting will heavily favor the use of a less mainstream language or framework. 

We want to see what kind of apps you can build using Twilio with Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Boo, Lisp, Arc, Eiffel, F#, Go, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, R, Scheme, Smalltalk, Pascal, COBOL or Assembly. Not on this list? Use it anyway! The more obscure the better. Have you written your own language? Perfect! Let's see it in action.

The winner will receive $100 in Twilio credit and a $250 Amazon gift card.

Bonus points for putting together helpful materials (screencasts, blog posts, etc.) that demonstrate the value of what you've built, or explain how it could become a business someday.

What's This Developer Contest All About?

Each week we announce a new category to encourage developers to try Twilio for different use cases, industries, and integrations.  As a language-agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want to see developers from all backgrounds find success and solve problems with Twilio.  To fire your imagination and reward your efforts, we've run this developer contest for over a year.

How To Get Involved

Submissions to the contest are due by Sunday October 17th, at 11:59pm Pacific Time, and can be submitted here.  If you need any help or want to bounce ideas off our Twilio developers, please join us on our forums or drop a note to

IMPORTANT: Everyone who has submitted previously and did not win is eligible to resubmit (we love that we make the rules!) so if you built a Twilio app in the past but weren't a winner we hope you'll consider sprucing up you old app for another chance at winning!

Photo by mandaloo

  • Pawan

    No netbook this week?????

  • John Sheehan

    Hi Pawan,
    We ran out of netbooks, but if you win and would prefer one we can send you one in lieu of the Amazon gift card.

  • Pawan

    Can you also suggest some hosting resources for these lesser know languages for this contest.
    A saas cloud based provider would be better.

  • jeremy jenkins

    You could check out there’s a bunch of providers that offer free trial. Haven’t really looked into it, but it may be a good stomping ground to get you going?

  • Pawan

    Thank you very much for the suggestion.Also can you extend this week contest deadline.This is simply because of new technology configs,setups etc.
    This would provide a great opportuniy to extend twilio to new technologies.
    Thanks and Regards,