NYC Twilio Meetup – Sponsored by Datalot


Join us in New York City at 7PM tonight (October 20, 2010) for the fourth NYC Twilio Meetup. We’re going to meet at Amity Hall. Food and drinks will be provided. You can RSVP on the Meetup Page.

The Twilio NYC Meetup happens every month. We alternate between informal and semi-formal, but we never get too serious. This month we’re doing informal food and drinks, in November we’ll have a few presentations by community members.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to Datalot for sponsoring the event. They’re hiring a Full Time Twilio Developer in NYC. Email to apply.


About Datalot

Datalot is an advertising technology start-up that is doing a lot of very cool things, building (among other things) phone-based validation and qualification of online customers, as well as an inbound call routing platform for online advertisers.

Twilio Meetup Everywhere

Don’t forget, Twilio Meetups are Everywhere and you can host your own. Propose a Meetup in your city.

We don’t want hackers to go hungry, so we’re offering to sponsor pizza and soft drinks. Let us know if you have any special requests or needs. We can help you arrange a venue, find supplies, and even connect you to other Twilio developers in your area. If you have questions, or need any help at all shoot us an email.