SingSend Wins Twilio 'Play' Developer Contest

profile At Startup Weekend New York City Frank Denbow had an idea for a phone-based karaoke app. Over the weekend Frank built SingSend and won the award for ‘Spirit of the Event’. SingSend is a fun app that allows a caller to pick a song, then sing along with it over the phone. The call is recorded and the recordings can be sent to friends. Here’s a video of Frank pitching SingSend:

Congratulations Frank!

For his inventive use of the Twilio API, Frank has won a $250 Amazon gift card and $100 in Twilio credit as the winner of the Play contest category.

Building SingSend

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - SEPT 29, 2010 Photo by Max WhittakerWe asked Frank about his experiences building SingSend with Twilio.

What inspired you to build SingSend?

FD: It started at NYC Startup Weekend as a fun way to do karaoke on your phone (won an award for the “Spirit of the Event”). I had a girl send me a MMS message with her singing on it. I found the phone that this was saved on the day before startup weekend so it was on my mind. In the future I’m hoping to make it into a full service if we can figure out music licensing and how to do billing.

What technologies are you using for SingSend?

FD: Right now it is just based in PHP.

How did you get started developing with Twilio?

FD: Seeing John Britton demoing around NYC got me interested.

How was the experience of integrating Twilio with your chosen tools and technologies?

FD: Super easy.

We’ve got more contest news coming soon, including announcing the winners of the USV and ‘Anything Goes, With a Twist’ contests and a brand new contest category for this week. Keep an eye on the blog and our contests page for all the latest info.