Allen Loayza from Mazie Software Releases Format Phone Number API

Allen and Mazie LoayzaAllen Loayza has put together a simple new API that formats phone numbers that he is using with his Twilio applications. Allen tells us about the API in his own words…

The Format Phone Number API takes a phone number and the country of origin, and then formats the number for display or dialing purposes. For example, submitting (0)20 5555 5555 and GBR will return +442055555555. This number can then be submitted to Twilio as the number to be dialed.

We’re using a simple REST API that responds with either XML or JSON, similar to how the Twilio REST API works. The API is very flexible and includes options to format numbers for display purposes and calling from one country to another. It is provided free of charge and there is no signup required to start using it. If you’re building a Twilio app, it’s easy to integrate this API into your app and never have to worry about dialing the correct number. Complete documentation can be found on the Format Number API page.

We developed the API at Mazie Software while developing a meeting manager web app, Hermes. Hermes uses Twilio to power the audio conferencing functionality in the app. We’ll be launching Hermes into beta in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we’re making public the phone number formatting API for other Twilio developers to freely use.