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Apigee Launches Twilio API Console


Apigee Our friends at Apigee have launched a version of their API Console for the Twilio REST API. The Apigee API Console is a completely web-based utility that lets you easily view all the available resources and methods an API supports. Along with support for Twilio, Apigee also has consoles for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, PayPal, SimpleGeo and SoundCloud.

Apigee put together a brief demo showing how to use the Twilio API Console:

One really great feature of the API Console is the ‘Share’ button. This allows you to take a snapshot of a request and send it to someone else (like Twilio support) to view the results making troubleshooting easier. The console also provides syntax highlighting and a URL builder similar to the Firefox AwesomeBar.


While we’re talking about Apigee, I also highly recommend their API Debugger. The Debugger is a powerful tool that shows you in real-time the requests you’re making to an API and the responses being received. The best part is the API calls continue to work as normal. This also works great for debugging TwiML requests. When using TwiML, in essence you’re providing an API to us. The debugger works the way you would normally expect, just in reverse. It’s a very handy troubleshooting tool that you should definitely try.

Apigee has done a great job of making APIs easy to browse, play with and debug if you’re having trouble. If you’re interested in getting to know how APIs work or just want to learn an API better, this is a great place to start. Give it a try!

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