Ding, ding, ding! Ring the bell for AppSumo Round Two

Just over a month ago we joined in on the AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle. The response was so overwhelming (we sold out our part) that when AppSumo put together their latest developer bundle, we couldn’t help but jump back in for another round. As part of the bundle we’re offering new and existing customers who have yet to upgrade a $100 credit. But that’s not all you get, take a look at the rest of products and services included in the bundle:


Purchased separately, the items in this bundle would cost you over $1500. But if you purchase before the deal ends, it will cost you only $47. Let me say that again in a larger font. $47. Head over to the AppSumo site for complete details on what’s included and to purchase your bundle.

How to Upgrade Your Twilio Account

After purchasing the bundle you will receive an email with your promo code. Once you have received the email, follow these steps to claim your free upgrade and $100 credit:

  1. Log into your Twilio.com account
  2. Click “Upgrade Now” from your Dashboard
  3. Enter your credit card information (you will NOT be charged, your card will be authorized for recharging your account in the future if you run out of credit)
  4. Click the “I have a promo code!” link
  5. Enter your promo code into the box
  6. Click “Upgrade My Account”

Benefits of an Upgraded Account

Once you’re account is upgraded, you will have access to all features of Twilio including the ability to purchase local and toll-free phone numbers and send and receive SMS messages and voice calls without using your sandbox pin code.

We’re honored to be part of such a killer lineup. Take advantage of this incredible offer to jumpstart your next Twilio project!