Load Up the Bus and Join Twilio at Cloudstock, the Woodstock for Cloud Developers

Cloudstocklogo We’re very excited to be taking part of a great new event called Cloudstock. Cloudstock is the “Woodstock for Cloud Developers” and is hosted by force.com at Moscone West in San Francisco on December 6th (the day before Dreamforce 10 begins). In addition to an expansive list of over 40 cloud and API sessions, there will also be a hackathon taking place with some great prizes.

The Cloudstock hackathon is sponsored sponsored by ProgrammableWeb. Judges will include include Jon Musser from ProgrammableWeb, Ross Turk from Alcatel-Lucent, Matt Marshall and more. Salesforce.com and ProgrammableWeb are sponsoring prizes for five major categories: Best in Show (Grand Prize), Best Enterprise App, Best Non-Profit App, Best Mobile App and Best Commercial Potential. Entries are not required to use the Force.com platform to win these categories.

Cloudstockhackathon In addition to the major categories, we’re adding an additional category: Best use of the Twilio Communication APIs. There will be three winners selected to win a Kindle 3G and O’Reilly Books gift card bundle. We’re looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

In addition to participating in the hackathon, Twilio employees will also be doing six sessions. Here’s what we’ll be talking about at Cloudstock:

Making Money with SaaS

Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-founder
Jeff Lawson discusses what developers should consider when pricing new SaaS offerings, and shares insights on how he approached setting prices at Twilio.

Building a Great API

Evan Cooke, CTO and Co-founder
Over the past few years we’ve seen an explosion of new APIs that have enabled a wave of incredible new applications. However, many APIs tend to be overly complex, poorly documented, and not designed or architected from a customer perspective. APIs are often an afterthought that expose internal business logic or data structures rather then being a first class citizen of the product design process. This talk dives into the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years building and scaling customer-focused APIs. We’ll explore some of the processes we go through at Twilio to understand developers and design simple powerful APIs.

Hacker Dojo: Powered by the Cloud

Jeff Lindsay, Senior Engineer
From the start, Hacker Dojo has had to use and develop hosted, cloud solutions to help itself operate in a distributed manner. In this session, learn what cloud technologies power Hacker Dojo, keep costs down, make changes easy, and eliminate the need for physical maintenance or dedicated IT department.

Call Tracking for Your Sales Analytics

Ty Wang, Vice President, Business Development
Ty Wang explores the opportunities around driving voice leads to conversion using call tracking best practices. Developers will discover why voice leads are 5 times more likely to convert to a sale, and how they capitalize on this largely unexplored space with Twilio.

Introduction to Building Apps with Twilio

John Sheehan, Developer Evangelist
John Sheehan introduces the Twilio APIs for making and receiving phone calls and text messages in a fun and hands on way. Developers will participate in a hands on live coding session demonstrating the core functionality of Twilio, with plenty of time for questions. John will also highlight a few recent use cases and brainstorm with the audience about what is possible in the future of communications.

We are also still finalizing details for another mystery session by Thomas Schiavone, Senior Product Manager.

Cloudstock sold out this morning, but if you’ll be attending be sure to take part in the hackathon or if you see any of us around (probably wearing our red jackets), be sure to say ‘hi’ and get a Twilio sticker.