Super Startup Weekend Makes a Stop In Cleveland

Startup Weekend ClevelandThis is part two in a series of posts about my adventures on a Super Startup Weekend. You can read part one (Detroit) here.

I got to the Cleveland State University Nance School of Business building on Saturday morning and found teams already hard at work for the day. Saturday morning is when most teams really start putting the rubber to the road. The idea is mostly agreed upon and responsibilities are divvied out. While it may seem quiet, you can see the wheels churning as participants start putting the pieces together.

Cleveland had five teams formed and I spent some time with each of the teams that I could find.


GovGame is like fantasy sports, but for government. You pick politicians for your team, and based on their actions you get points. Progress appeared to be coming along nicely as the discussions were around specific features and presentation. The GovGame crew had covered the walls of their room with mockups and proposed rules. I had a chance to interview the founder who pitched GovGame on Friday night.


DreamKumo’s mission was to make it easier for groups of people the ability to accomplish their dreams by helping them find like-minded individuals and companies that were willing to help make it happen. Imagine a group of people that all want to skydive. DreamKumo would bring those people together and then let skydiving companies get in touch with them with special offers. The DreamKumo guys were kind enough to lend me a couple minutes for this interview:

A classic case of scratching your own itch, aims to make it easier for companies looking to rent out event space to find potential renters. The idea sounded to me like Airbnb for event space. Any time you can bring together people with money and the people with what they want to buy, you have a good chance of success. I interviewed Toby about as well.


The last team I spent time with was QloudSitter. QloudSitter is a service to help parents and caretakers track the care of infants via phone and SMS (using Twilio). I didn’t get a chance to interview the team leader before I had to take off, but they were working on a promotional video that I will post later on.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Overall I was impressed with the originality of the ideas the Cleveland teams were working on. It was a small group but the energy and passion for startups was just as prevalent as anywhere else. Next stop, Indianapolis.