Kynetx Keeps Rocking the Twilio Apps


We’ve previously written about Kynetx during the Twilio + Kynetx contest which was won by Julian Gay. For those that are unfamiliar, Kynetx is a platform for building real-time apps in the cloud. Twilio is one of many integration points you can add to your Kynetx apps. The crew over there has been on fire writing Twilio apps on the Kynetx platform. Here are a couple highlights of the types of apps you can build from the Kynetx blog.

Customer Feedback powered by Kynetx + Twilio

The use-case driving this particular application is a customer feedback line where customers can dial in and provide feedback to a company regarding their product or service. One twist added is a Twitter integration, like a ring-me-if-you-had-great-service bell at restaurants, the application will tweet when a customer calls in to say they had a great experience. Phone menus like this are a perfect use-case for a rules engine like Kynetx.


Cylons, Stewie and Lisa Simpson: An SMS Quiz Game

Here’s the idea, I wanted to create a quiz that would get attendees to text in and play a game. The card has the first question printed on it, if they answer it correctly they get a second question sent to them via SMS. If they get that one correct, they are then entered to win a Cylon (the 7″, non-menacing type, of course). Building this app was extraordinarily simple. In fact, it took me more time to figure out the questions and the flow of the app than it did the 15 mins for Sam to code it.

Tutorial: Phone menu with Twilio

To demonstrate how easy it is to build an application that uses Twilio, I have just written another tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through building an application that is a phone menu for a caller. It’s a rather simple menu (we wish all phone menus were that simple) with only 3 options: (1) send a text message, (2) hear a special message, and (0) hang up the call.

Twilio + Kynetx and the instant auction

A couple of weeks ago Kynetx developer Sam Curren decided it was time to give his OpenMoko phone a new home. Given that his hobbies are not cheap, he wanted to sell it to the highest bidder, but didn’t want the hassle of managing all the bids and notifications. Being the creative developer he is, he envisioned an application where users could call or text in a bid and then the new high bid would be tweeted for the whole world to see. Pretty straight-forward app, right? Well, using a handful of Cloud-based services he built this app in a matter of a few hours.