SMS Contest Runners Up: Gourmious and Pushr

A couple weeks ago we had an SMS contest that was won by Traffic Amigo. We also selected two runners up for the contest that have won $100 in Twilio credit. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Gourmious and Pushr.

gourmious_logoGourmious by Laurent Luce

It is difficult to find great restaurant dishes close to you, especially when you don’t have Internet access on your cell phone. According to some studies, 60% of cell phones in the U.S. don’t have Internet access. Having the ability to search for dishes using SMS, will enable a greater population of users to find their favorite dishes. Users can text a keyword and a city to 650-451-1116, and they will receive a text with the best dish containing this keyword that is closest to them.

profile2For example: try texting “Burger in San Francisco” to 650-451-1116 and you should see the following result: “Hubert Keller Burger at Burger Bar located 251 Geary Street in San Francisco. 5 stars.” Users can also call 650-451-1116 and they will hear the 5 best dishes closest to them.

Gourmious is built with Python, Django, jQuery, Amazon EC2/S3, the Twilio API and the Facebook API. You can try Gourmious for yourself and be sure to follow them on Twitter. Congratulations Laurent!

Pushr by Nicholas Tolson

pushr-png24-gradientPushr gives small businesses a *simple* way to use SMS to enhance their connection with current customers – whether that be via appointment reminders, value-add services, or product marketing. They’ve talked to businesses that are using expensive call centers to handle their appointment reminders, and using scheduled SMS messages as a replacement saves them money and is also more effective. Even those that use in-house staff to manually make voice calls to remind clients of appointments is very time-intensive (a few minutes per call once you add it all up). Scheduling automated texts takes just seconds.

Pushr also has clients who are using it to enhance their current services. For example, there is a tutoring company who is using it to send student reports to parents via SMS. They are also considering adding a for-pay service of study tips on specific subjects, so Pushr is helping them realize completely new areas for revenue that simply didn’t exist before.

Sign up for your free Pushr account.

For this week’s contest we’re looking for the best integration of Twilio and Salesforce. The winner will receive a Kindle 3G, $50 Amazon Gift Card and a $100 in Twilio credit. Head over to the Contests page for complete details. Ends Sunday 12/12!