Cloudstock Session Videos Now Available


The session videos from Cloudstock have been posted on their site. Here are the videos of the Twilio sessions.

Making Money with SaaS

Jeff Lawson, CEO

Jeff discusses what developers should consider when pricing new SaaS offerings, and shares insights on how he approached setting prices at Twilio

Building a Great API

Evan Cooke, CTO

Many APIs tend to be overly complex, poorly documented, and not designed with the customer in mind. In this talk Evan will explore some of the lessons we’ve learned at Twilio designing and building simple, powerful APIs that focus on the customer instead of back-end requirements.

Intro to Building Apps with Twilio

John Sheehan, Developer Evangelist

John introduces the Twilio APIs for making and receiving phone calls and text messages by coding an app from the ground up that covers a variety of common use cases.

Call Tracking for Your Sales Analytics

Ty Wang, VP of Business Development

Ty explores the opportunities around driving voice leads to conversion using call tracking best practices. Developers will discover why voice leads are 5 times more likely to convert to a sale, and how they capitalize on this largely unexplored space with Twilio.

Hacker Dojo: Powered by the Cloud

Jeff Lindsay, Senior Engineer

From the start, Hacker Dojo has had to use and develop hosted, cloud solutions to help itself operate in a distributed manner. In this session, learn what cloud technologies power Hacker Dojo, keep costs down, make changes easy, and eliminate the need for physical maintenance or dedicated IT department.