New Developer Contest: Build a Twilio + TechStars App for a Chance to Meet a VC in Boston (Ends Jan 16)


For this contest, we're looking for a promising startup or app that uses Twilio along with any API or service provided by a TechStars company.

The winner will an Amazon Kindle 3G and $100 in Twilio credit. On top of that, one member of the winning team will win an all-expenses paid trip to Boston to meet with Jeff Bussgang (Flybridge Capital Partners), Katie Rae (Managing Director, TechStars Boston), Reed Sturtevant (Project11 Ventures) and Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital). You're free to use the meeting time to get advice, pitch your company or however else you would like. Lastly, we'll be providing a copy of "Do More Faster" to every member of your team.

Cohen, McClure, Feld

Judging the contest along are David Cohen (CEO of TechStars), Dave McClure (500 Startups) and Brad Feld (Foundry Group). They'll be looking for the most creative, useful and well-designed entries. Entrants into this contest will also have the option to have their entries reviewed by 500 Startups for the Twilio Fund which invests in Twilio-powered startups.

The deadline to submit your entry is Sunday January 16th at 11:59pm PT. To enter, fill out the official contest entry form.

What's This Developer Contest All About?

Each week we announce a new category to encourage developers to try Twilio for different use cases, industries, and integrations.  As a language-agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want to see developers from all backgrounds find success and solve problems with Twilio.  To fire your imagination and reward your efforts, we've run this developer contest for over a year.

If you need any help or want to bounce ideas off our Twilio developers, please join us on our forums or drop a note to When you're done, submit your entry using the official contest submission form.

IMPORTANT: Everyone who has previously submitted an entry is eligible to resubmit (we love that we make the rules!) so if you built a Twilio app in the past we hope you'll consider sprucing up you old app for another chance at winning!

Note: David Cohen and Dave McClure are investors in Twilio.