JustRemindIt Uses Twilio to Help You Forget About Forgetting

Profile_Pic-300x296 Wake up calls and appointment reminders just got easier to create and manage with the release of JustRemindIt’s iPhone application.

Created by Aditya Kothadiya, JustRemindIt is a Twilio powered pay-as-you-go service that’ll call you with a reminder right when you need it. All you have to do is type in the number and time to call along with a reminder message. When it’s time, JustRemindIt uses Twilio’s API to give you a call and read your message over the phone—very cool!

Aditya’s wife prototyped the first version of JustRemindIt for a class project. After getting positive feedback from both her classmates and friends, Aditya decided to build a commercial version. Reminders are as low as 8 cents, and the free iPhone app makes entering reminders a breeze.

Aditya has plans to improve JustRemindIt with recurring reminders, SMS and e-mail reminders, a web interface, and possibly an Android client.

Are you working on something cool that uses Twilio? Send an e-mail to rahim@twilio.com!