Captico uses Twilio to build their perfect call tracking solution

Captico specializes in online marketing campaigns, and wanted to add call tracking to their portfolio of services. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any service available that provided the data they wanted at an affordable price, so they decided to use Twilio to make their own. After half a day of coding, they had their initial prototype, and after iterating for over two months, Call Tracking… Read More

Chad Smith and Mark Brenneman Win Our Startup Bus/SXSW Contest

It’s our pleasure to announce that the winners of the Startup Bus/SXSW contest are Chad Smith and Mark Brenneman. This was a big contest for us. We were looking for not only a Twilio coder, but an ambassador—someone that would tweet, blog, record video, and help the teams on the Startup Bus make amazing things in the three days they’re given. We think Chad and Mark… Read More

The Twilio Fund Adds Seven More Companies

Earlier this year, we announced the first 3 companies to receive funding from the Twilio Startup Fund, a micro-fund created by Dave McClure’s 500Startups investment company. Today we’re proud to announce that seven more Twilio-powered companies have been added to the fund. Each company will receive $10,000 in funding, and one will be chosen to receive $50,000 and a spot in the accelerator program. FastCall411 provides… Read More

Frank Denbow Wins Our Music Hackweek Contest with SongVoodoo

Alright, Shazaam is pretty good at what it does, but there’s been a lot of occasions where the background noise is just too much and it can’t pick up the song playing. That’s where Frank Denbow’s app really shines. Just text (917) 934-3979 with any of the lyrics to a song and it’ll respond with the name and artist. Text “#play [song]” and it’ll call you… Read More